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We make a wide range of tubing assemblies across various ID's and OD's. and materials; Copper, Steel, Aluminum. We have an array of cutting, bending, forming, punching and brazing machines. Our team are experts in Cu - Cu, Cu - Brass, Al - Al and Cu - Al brazing. The child parts and final assemblies go through a strict quality control process to ensure that only the best quality parts make it to the conveyor for packing. We supply tubing assemblies to OEM's across the air-conditioning, Refrigeration and Automotive industries. We can manufacture according to your design or design the assembly based on your parameters. The material grade used will be according to the customers' specification and end use. Air-conditioner & Refrigeration Components and assembly.

Based on your requirements, we can mass produce high quality assemblies. Our capacity is up to 6000 sets/day.

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